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"Finding out that you have drifted apart from your other half is never a nice feeling, asking for help doesn't come naturally to some as well, however, when we found ourselves in this position working with Paula over time helped us to start to find our way back together. The environment was calm, intimate and private and whilst Paula didn't give us the answers, she did provide the right kind of framework to our sessions which allowed us to be honest without being judged, expressive without taking sides and helped us see without telling us the way. Some of the interventions really allowed us to communicate better with each other and made us look at the situation in a more open way than we had done in years. I would highly recommend any couples that have lost their way to spend some time with Paula, it is only in this way that we have been able to piece together the parts of the puzzle that were missing, together find where and why they were lost and then start to rebuild what was much needed in our lives. Thank you Paula."

Having been in a road traffic accident, my confidence had been shattered, anger was getting the better of me and as time went by the worse it was getting to the point where I could see myself giving up driving all together.  Paula was extremely understanding from the very first meeting. The surroundings were so relaxing and I felt safe and reassured with the tools and kind words Paula shared.  Not only did Paula help me but my husband and family as well, as through me, my anxieties, anger and fears were shared, relieving them of upset and worry.  The rapport I built with Paula was one I will remember always and if I had a choice a friendship could be built.  Thank you so much for your understanding, sincerity and loyalty, the boxes, Meerkat and Mini, I love driving again.  'A'

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