Counselling information

I am aware that life is rarely straightforward and that sometimes our situation, thoughts, feelings or behaviour may prevent us from living the way we would like. Family and friends may be too close to help or, we might feel unable to talk to them about our problems. Our difficulties may be more than we can deal with on our own; we recognise we need help but donít know who to turn to. At those times a trained professional, who is not emotionally attached to you and will not be upset by what you say, may be just the person you need. Through a counselling relationship I offer a safe and caring environment where you are free to explore your thoughts and feelings and clarify your concerns.


The model of counselling I use (Person-centred/integrative) assumes that we all have the ability to work through our problems and come to some kind of understanding about them, enabling us to begin to make changes. I will not tell you what to do but help you find your own way forward in whatever way is best for you. This may involve recognising your value, becoming excited about life, learning how to live life differently and discovering more of your potential!


Cost of consultation


£45 for each one hour session