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Having been in a road traffic accident, my confidence had been shattered, anger was getting the better of me and as time went by the worse it was getting to the point where I could see myself giving up driving all together.  Paula was extremely understanding from the very first meeting. The surroundings were so relaxing and I felt safe and reassured with the tools and kind words Paula shared.  Not only did Paula help me but my husband and family as well, as through me, my anxieties, anger and fears were shared, relieving them of upset and worry.  The rapport I built with Paula was one I will remember always and if I had a choice a friendship could be built.  Thank you so much for your understanding, sincerity and loyalty, the boxes, Meerkat and Mini, I love driving again.  ‘A’



‘Having struggled with anxiety playing an increasingly active part in my daily life, I finally found the courage to ask for help by contacting Paula. Paula created a comfortable, relaxing environment where I could discuss my concerns with confidence and start to see a way forward. She guided me towards being more able to form coping strategies as a means of keeping my worries in check and for this I am extremely grateful.’ ‘A’