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I would confidently recommend Paula to anyone who has anything that they need to address to help themselves live a happier life. I have already recommended Paula to friends. When I started counselling I had an idea about what was affecting my confidence, self-esteem and contentment, but could not untangle the different aspects of it and how to address them. I did not understand my reactions to certain life situations. I was scared of going through a time of addressing this and feeling upset. Over the course of a few months I feel totally different and have achieved, and exceeded, all of my personal goals that I originally set with Paula. She helped to clarify things in a way that allowed me to come to my own conclusions about the past, and added her support and explanations of why I may have felt and reacted certain ways. I let go of things that I did not realise I was carrying with me. I also realised much more about my past that I would not previously have considered and it has been really useful in understanding myself. Thank you, Paula, for being so open, approachable, relaxed and non-judgemental. This is what has enabled me to express things that I have not been able to before. During the process of counselling I felt safe and re-assured that things were going to improve and I am happy that I followed it through to get me to such a hugely better place in my life. It is difficult to describe how good this is! Thank you, Paula. E